Thursday, August 3, 2017

Short Story: Garden of Eden

Adam smiled as he looked at his beautiful wife, Eve.

What a treasure she was to him, a companion of companion. He could still remember how inadequate he felt when every animal was there but God had not yet created Eve. Eve was the best gift God had given to him. Eve was everything to him, Eve made him feel complete. Now, he had the most wonderful of helper to help him manage this garden which God had put him in.

"Honey, what are you thinking?" Eve asked as she handed a bunch of grapes to Adam.

"Of you, sweetie." Adam smiled. Grapes! Just the kind of fruits he like. Tasty, mouth-watering, simply wonderful! Is there ever an end to God's goodness?

Life was a bliss for them. Adam was glad that Eve and himself never listened to the serpent. They never  took of the fruit of tree of knowledge of good and evil, and therefore, did not bring about the death if God spoke of. It was a close shave, though. Both Adam and Eve were very tempted to taste the fruit that would make them like God. It was a very close shave, indeed.

"I was wondering, if we had took of the fruit God had forbidden us to, what would have happened?" Eve asked, as if she could read Adam's mind.

"Don't think of such things. Nothing good comes out of disobedience towards God and everything good comes out of obedience towards him."  Adam replied, as he looked in contentment at his wife.

"You are right, my darling."Eve smiled.

For Adam and Eve, life is a bliss and a paradise. And that is because they choose to obey God above all else.