Saturday, August 27, 2016

Short Story: The corrupted pastor

Zhi Ming counted the money for the tithe offerings. Wow, this year was a good year, after all. There was one million dollars in tithe offerings. Zhi Ming was delighted. That was more money than he had seen before. Surely, Zhi Ming thought to himself, it was all right for him to take a 10% cut from the tithe offerings. That was just one hundred thousand dollars, and he had worked hard for the Lord!

Leaving behind a lucrative job as a banker, Zhi Ming chose to struggle through poverty in service of the Lord, when he first built his church. There were many down days, and it was hard to make end meets, but Zhi Ming persevered through it all to build his church to where it was today! Surely, the Lord would not mind him taking a little bit of the tithe money for himself.

He had a family to support.

Zhi Ming was on the news for corruption! Where was the Lord in his time of need? How could the Lord have abandoned him? He had served the Lord so hard! All he took was one hundred thousand dollars, and he had to end up in jail. Zhi Ming felt a sense of betrayal from the Lord. Still, Zhi Ming fell on his knees and prayed.

Zhi Ming discovered his purposes in jail. There were prisoners, hungry for the gospels, and once again, Zhi Ming worked hard for the Lord.